How To Plan A Vacation With Friends To The Texas Hill Country

Posted on: 13 April 2016

Have you ever been in the Texas hill country before? If so, you probably fell in love with it the very first time you were there. If you are planning your first trip to the Texas hill country, prepare to be enchanted and prepare to have fun adventures. Joining other families for this event will be even more fun. From transportation, to seeing the sights and everything in between, here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan a memorable vacation with your friends.

Transportation - Buy a bus! If you've traveled with these friends before and you have enjoyed their company, chances are there will be trips ahead, too. Think of the fun you'd have if you traveled together by bus. Of course, it will be a substantial expense, but over the years the money you spend on the bus will pay for itself when you consider wear and tear on your personal cars and the cost of gasoline. If the time comes that you want to sell the bus, the same dealership where you bought it will buy it back from you. You and your friends can then split the money from your sale. If you do decide to travel by bus, be sure that more than one of you has a the licensing needed to drive the bus. You want more than one person so that those drivers can trade off. Besides, insurance will cover only drivers who have a bus driver's license.  Buy a bus with big picture windows and with air conditioning. Even though it will be more expensive, consider selecting a bus with a bathroom as part of the package. Of course, if that is too much money for you, a simple school-bus would still be a great way to travel. Contact a business such as Bus Centre Bus Sales for more information. 

Great Places Your Bus Can Take You - When you travel through the hill country of Texas you'll be truly glad you bought a bus. The picture windows will give you access to gorgeous vistas. Before you head to different destinations, be sure to locate places where you will be able to park the bus. For example, there will be ample space near the Guadalupe River which offers great tubing and swimming opportunities. The same goes for commercial water parks in the area.If you go into the little towns of Gruene, Boerne, and Fredericksburg there will be parking space off the beaten track. Don't worry about the distance, though, as your group will easily be able to walk to all the tourist attractions in those area. If you have enough time, take the bus into Austin to see the beautiful state capital and the impressive University of Texas. Again, there will be ample parking available for your bus.

  Don't forget water shoes, comfortable walking shoes and a sweater or a jacket. Early mornings, late evenings and public places can get downright chilly in the hill country of Texas.


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