Road Tripping In Style- The Harley Davidson Way

Posted on: 10 September 2015

Die-hard motorcyclists are among the most loyal riders in the Harley Davidson fan base. Many people who say that Harley's are nothing more than a status symbol haven't ever actually experienced one on a long road trip. There are so many benefits to seeing the country on a motorcycle, but here are some reasons you should try it specifically on a Harley Davidson bike.

1. They're heavy. If you are taking a long trip on a motorcycle, the last thing you want is a light bike. Not only is it going to get blown around, but being heavy gives it better high speed mannerisms. The most notable benefit is that they offer more stability with their greater rake angle and longer wheelbases. A heavier frame is also great for packing on more gear and supports extra luxuries like a more comfortable passenger seat or new world-class 6.5 GT Audio system. Lighter bikes might be great for a commute, but when it comes to longer trips, there is no comparison.

2. The V-twin. Harley Davidson has been synonymous with a V-twin for the last 100 years. On a cross country tour, the V-twin is best because no one likes to mess with the gears constantly. The torque allows the rider to ride in top gear and roll the throttle. Less effort put into controlling the gear and speed allows more brain power for enjoying the scenery, which is the big perk for taking a motorcycle on a road trip anyway.

3. Service Availability. In the off chance that something goes wrong with your bike during the trip, it's important to notice how many Harley Davidson dealers are around. They are everywhere! If you run into any kind of trouble away from a dealer, most parts shops either always keep parts in stock or can get them quickly- even the same day sometimes because of how available they are. Harley Davidson has spent their company's life refining and perfecting their systems, which means they haven't really changed a lot, so parts are not hard to find and mechanics are very familiar with the system. If you are ever in the situation that something goes wrong, it doesn't have to take too long to fix.

Another important aspect of service availability is that you can send your engine back to the factory to be rebuilt. While this isn't helpful on a road trip per se, it is helpful if you want to prep your bike for an upcoming trip.

These mortocycles have a reputation, and for a good reason. Next time you take a road trip, try it on some Edge Harley-Davidson motorcycles.


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